A Website CMS that is flexible, powerful, expandable, and better yet, amazingly simple and easy to use.

A website design with a cms should easily let you to create unlimited pages, photo galleries, calendars, blogs, online shopping, contact forms and more without needing a degree in quantum physics to figure it out. This is why the team at Coconut Graphics have developed our own Content Managment system that is powerful enough to compliment any business, and easy enough to allow anyone to manage their site without prior experience. 

Instinct CMS is not just easy, it's a powerful web publishing platform built from the ground up using methodologies that embrace the fact that things change, that newer versions of plugins, addons and extras are released everyday and in order to keep up you need to be able to update quickly and easily to these new technologies. Be able to embrace third party addons like facebook & twitter without having to reinvent the wheel each time. Whilst being this agile, you need to be assured your important information, files and images is being securly held, and backed up.

Below is a brief feature list of the primary features of Instinct CMS.

Web Publishing

The Instinct CMS publishing system allows users to maintenance their website quickly and easily, in most cases within a couple of clicks and without reloading a single page.

Add new pages, delete old ones, edit content, add title's keywords, page descriptions, add a youtube video, vimeo video, viddler movie, an image, a link, a file and more all through a simple to use, easy to manage editor that looks like your site so you know exactly what its going to look like from beginning to end.

Ability to add an unlimited number of pages and sub pages (Tiers) meaning you can grow your site as your business does, no matter how big that might be.

All navigation is automatically created, you simple create the page and it does the rest. This gives you time to focus on the important things, and avoid having to manually manage menus and navigation which can become cumbersome and complicated.

Able to add and manipulate text, images, videos, links and files within each page using a simple to use, yet powerful WYSIWYG editor.

Many different page types are available for easy creation, including Blogs, FAQ's, image Galleries, download pages and more.

Search Engine Friendly URL's are automatically created each time you make any new page, so instead of 'www.yourdomain.com/index.php?
' you get 'www.yourdomain.com/products/product' which is great search engine and people.

RSS Feeds are automatically created for blogs, news and calendars so users can subscribe to your site and be notified of the latest updates using their favourite RSS/Feed aplication such as Outlook, Google etc.

Our CMS allows you to upload to a central repository containing for your files and image, allowing them to be seamlessly added or removed from your site. You can even replace images if you need to, without having to replace the image on every page it's located.

Social Network Integration

Let's face it, we as humans are social creatures, and these days everyone is jumping on social networking bandwagon with twitter, facebook, blogs and many more. With this trend becoming an integral part of business and online culture, we have integrated functionality of the major social networks seamlessly with our CMS, which makes being social and reaching your customers easier then ever.

Facebook users can become instant members of your site, they can like your blog posts, comments, events and image galleries, they can post status updates straight from your site about your site too, opening a whole new market for your company and increasing online community awareness of your brand.

By tagging your posts, related posts and articles can be grouped together and help users find related topics they might be interested in. We also ping technoratti with these tags and your blog post so others can be alerted to your posts.

Member Management

Visitors on your site can register to become members. You can add these members to particular user groups. You can also set comments and other user interactions to be for members only, improving site security.

You can restrict access to any page or section of your website to particular user groups, meaning you can create pages with information that can only be seen by certain users once they log in.

Having to add permissions and page access to every user would be a nightmare, which is why we created administrator groups. this means you can set permissions to groups and add as many users as you like to these groups and they will inherit these permissions. Users can be a member of unlimited groups.

By having this memebership restriction, you can make staff only pages with forms, reports, downloads, event calendars and more only available to authorised staff, this means you can begin using your website for much more then customers, you can use it as a staff intranet.

Administrator Managment

If your website is to be edited by numerous users, but you want to retain control who can edit what, Instinct CMS can be equiped with it's advanced administration  manager.

Almost every action possible on the cms has permission settings, meaning you can create dozens of site administrators, each with differing permissions. Some might be able to add pages, but not delete them, some might be able to add images but not files and the list goes on.

Having to add permissions and page access to every user would be a nightmare, which is why we created administrator groups. this means you can set permissions to groups and add as many users as you like to these groups and they will inherit these permissions. Users can be a member of unlimited groups.

You can restrict access to any page or section of your website to particular administrato groups, meaning you can create pages with information that can only be edited by certain users once they log in.

Every action, from every users is logged. This means you can see who did what, where, and when, for every action on your website.


Our CMS has some of the most comprehensive set of security features of any publishing platform available.

Including auto log out for complete security. If you get logged out before you have saved your changes, next time you login, the system will ask you if you wish to restore these changes ready for you to keep working.

Forms can only be submitted once each page load. This prevents multiple form submissions and reduces redundancy, it also deters spamming.

'Captcha' images are used on comment forms, member registration, and other forms on front end pages for non members. This prevents spamming and fake comments, registrations and form submissions.

This prevents users from submitting data that already exists on posts, events, images etc, providing increased spam protection.


What good is content if you cant find it? Instinct has a comprehensive search module built into every site, for visitors, and administrators.

By providing results that highlight the key areas of the pages containing content relevant to your search, you can quickly find what you where looking for.

Our search tool tells you what results it found, and what each item is, be it titles, images, files, pages, blog posts products or content so you can find exactly what you were looking for.

Search results are displayed showing the title of the page, and the content your search term was contained within, just like your favourite search engine.

On the administration side of things, you can search users, groups, members, pages, content and more, quickly and easily, without long waiting times and page reloading.

Search Engine Optimisation

We have spent years developing our CMS to deliver a platform that allows you to easily improve search engine results and site performance

New pages are automatically added to an XML sitemap which can be read by major search engines, letting them know when you edit or create new pages which means your pages are indexed faster and more accuratly.

Evert Page Title, Description and Keyword on your site can be easily changed on a page by page basis. The more descriptive, and accurate your meta data (information about your page), the better. When correctly implemented, good meta data will deliver higher quantities of targeted search traffic.

The output from our cms is light, and clean. No spare code hanging around to bloat your site and detract from what's important, your content. We are also able to boast one of the highest ratings in Yahoo's YSlow performance grader, this means your site is assured to load at record speeds, and not slow down no matter how many users you have. All code is HTML and CSS compliant, so your site is ready to be easily read by major search engines and browsers.

News and blog posts automatically post tags to technoratti to be included in their archive which ca increase your site's visibility to additional online communities.

Built in integration allows you to track your users and really find out whats going on under the hood, who is visiting you and how they find you.

Performance Features

Design & Styles

Complete Design Flexibility, but still retaining ease of use.

Modules & Page Types

With 2 clicks you can create a blog, a news page, a gallery, an FAQ page, an enquiry form, a file download page, a page of links, or even a comprehensive event calendar. This system makes it easier to make a website then it is to workout Facebook.

Image Galleries

Create stunning image galleries with ease. Simply upload your pictures, name them, and the system will automatically create a thumbnail of that image and place it in the gallery for you. The gallery module also places a watermark on your images automatically, this means your images are just that little more protected.

Users and Guests may leave comments on image galleries. You may also turn comments off.

Galleries will automatically divide into multiple pages, you are able to select how many images are displayed per page.

Administrators can reorder images at any time, and with drag and drop simplicity.

Blogs & News Feeds

With a powerful blogging platform, our CMS allows you to write your blog articles in peace and quite, but at the same time giving you the features you have come to expect from a blog, including:

The ability to allow comments on blog posts by members only,  or everyone. Whatever you feel like at the time.

You can set publish start and end dates in case your not quite ready to to let the world see your latest work.

In built social networking functionality including automatic pings to technoratti so the world is notified of your new post the moment you put it online.

Online Forms

Event Calendars

Show your customers, staff and anyone else what your up to. You may load events to be public, or private depending on your requirements.

Calendars can be viewed as lists, or in a familiar 'calendar' view. 

Users can even add events to outlook, or any other compatible calendar program.

Email Newsletters